Hyacinthoides NonScripta.

Hyacinthoides NonScripta, (Common Bluebell) Castle Eden Dene, County Durham, 17 April 2017. Raceme 4- to 16-flowered, drooping at tip, unilateral; bracts paired, bluish, the lower linear-lanceolate, longer than pedicel, the upper smaller; whole inflorescence sometimes bracteate. Flowers 10-28 mm in diameter, erect in bud, nodding when fully open, bell shaped, scented; pedicels 3-10 mm, afterwards elongating to about 30 mm and becoming erect. Perianth segments 14-20 * 3-4.5 mm, violet-blue with darker midrib, rarely pink or white, oblong, more or less parallel and erect so that the lower part of the flower appears cylindrical, rounded-obtuse and recurved at apex.


The law in one frame of reference or time period is not the law in another frame of reference or time period. The law changes over space and time. The law is not absolute. The law is relative. The law is flexible.

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